Fair Fashion Festival 2019

The current fashion industry has often been shown negatively in the media over the last few years. Bad working circumstances in clothing factories in Bangladesh and heavily polluted rivers in India are just some of the examples. Unfortunately, information about fair and sustainable fashion is scarce and not easy to find.

In 2013, Young & Fair and Fairtrade Gemeente Utrecht decided to work together to create more awareness of the problems within the fashion industry. After many brainstorm sessions and many ideas, the first Fair Fashion Festival came to live. During the organization of this event, the well known disaster in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, took place. Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013 resulting in more than a 1000 deaths, among which many factory workers who worked for famous ‘fast fashion’ brands. This disaster was a confirmation that more awareness about Fair Fashion was needed.

The Fair Fashion Festival offers a platform for sustainable brands – fair trade, ecological and innovative brands – who are working towards a better and more honest fashion industry. At the same time, the festival is a platform for consumers, where honest and sustainable alternatives are shown, that are both affordable and fashionable. Over the years the festival has grown and took place in not only Utrecht, but also Groningen.

This year the festival will take place in Utrecht and Groningen!