Looking for: Coordinators Fair Fashion Festival

Utrecht and Groningen

The organization: Young & Fair 

Young & Fair believes that by sharing knowledge on sustainable consumption, we enable young people to consume more consciously. We share this knowledge through various events, social media and our website. In this we strive to always use a positive approach.  This mission is carried out by an enthusiastic group of volunteers consisting of students and young professionals. 

The team 

The Fair Fashion Festival is organized annually in Groningen and Utrecht. The festival is organized with a team consisting of five or six people. Every festival will include a market, a fashion show, lectures and workshops. The exact program of the festival will be up to the team. 

The positions: 

The core team exists of five or six team members who all fulfill different positions. The team exists of a project leader, a finance coordinator, a program coordinator, a logistics coordinator and a communication coordinator. The core team works closely together on the organization of the complete festival. Every position held, has its own specific description of tasks.  

General job description 

  • Biweekly meetings with the core team 
  • Possibly leading the core team (project leader) or a sub team (communication coordinator and program coordinator) 
  • Project leader: contacting and maintaining contact with partners 
  • Communication: developing and distributing communication materials 
  • Program: proactively contacting (possible) lecturers/fashion designers/branches 
  • Finances: proactively contacting possible sponsors/partners 
  • Logistics: handling all logistic issues like the location and facilities 
  • More specific job descriptions can be found at the bottom of the page

 What we expect from you: 

  • Structured and strong in maintaining an overview 
  • Good communicative skills and team work capabilities 
  • Proactive commitment and can-do mentality 
  • Affinity with sustainable consumption and fair trade 
  • Attendance at biweekly meeting 
  • Experience with organizing events is an advantage 

  What we offer you: 

  • Support and (where necessary) guidance by professionals 
  • Building your network in the sustainability sector 
  • A great and instructive addition to your resume! 
  • Working in an ambitious, young and enthusiastic team 
  • An opportunity to make a positive contribution to society 


The position will take up 6-8 hours a week on average. Keep in mind that this will increase when the date of the festival comes close.  


Do you feel enthusiastic after reading this vacancy and feel like you are the right person for this position? Send your resume and motivation to sollicitatie@youngandfair.nl or fill in the form below, stating the position title and festival location. We look forward to reading your application! 

Specific function descriptions

As project leader you are responsible for the overall project organization. You keep an overview of the progress, the planning and the costs. You are confident, able to always keep an overview of the situation and thereby see the big picture. Moreover, you are able to motivate and inspire the team. Preferably you have good substantive knowledge of the subject. Besides leading the festival team, you are also the contact person for the board. Finally, you are able to delegate but at the same time are willing to put in your own effort when needed.

What you will be doing:

  • Managing the (core) team
  • Chairing the meetings
  • Networking and maintained relationships
  • Recruiting of fonds and sponsoring, and writing sponsor and subsidy reports
  • Reporting to the board

As communication & Marketing coordinator you will be responsible for the promotion of the event. You are well acquainted with communication channels als Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. You are good at networking and have an eye for details when it comes to style. You are passionate and focused on creating visibility of the event for media as well als visitors. You make sure that the story will spread and appeals to people. During the organisation of the festival you will lead the communication team and report to the core team. Finally, you are able to delegate but at the same time are willing to put in your own effort when needed.

What you will be doing:

  • Drafting the communication plan
  • Drafting and distributing the printed matter
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Promotion via online and offline media
  • Managing the communication team (Fair Fashion Festival)

As program coordinator you will be responsible for the program of the festival. This role is divided into two functions: coordinator of the market and fashion show and coordinator of the lectures and workshops. In both functions you will be supported by a sub team that you will establish.

What you will be doing:

  • Shaping the content of the event
  • Keeping in touch with all participants during the event
  • Designing the market (where applicable)
  • Classification of speakers and workshops (where applicable)
  • Arranging speakers, workshops and stall holders
  • Communicating with the involved parties (stores, brands, market, etc.)
  • Designing the fashion show (Market & Fashion show function)
  • Arranging models, make-up, models etc. (Market & Fashion show function)
  • Managing the sub-team (Fair Fashion Festival)

As finance coordinator you are responsible for all the financial issues by fulfilling the role of treasurer of the festival. You draft the budget and make sure the festival is in line with this budget. Moreover, you will be dealing with the applications for funds and the acquisition. You have total control on finance and are aware of all incomes and expenses. Besides the finances you are also responsible for secretarial issues and you will support the project leader. You are in close contact with the treasurers of the other festivals.

What you will be doing:

  • Drafting the project budget and keeping track of financial progress
  • Reporting to the treasurer of Y&F
  • Managing incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Fundraising, sponsoring & acquisition
  • Financial accountability and final budget
  • Taking minutes of the meetings is an advantage

The logistics coordinator is responsible for all logistic processes. This means that you will make sure everything on the day of the festival runs smoothly. What time will the participants and the public arrive? Where can the suppliers go? Questions you can answer! You are concerned with the arrangement and you are the contact person for everything that needs to happen on the day of the festival. Therefore you need to be structured, capable of keeping an overview of the situation and stress resistant.

What you will be doing:

  • Arranging the event location(s)
  • Deciding on the layout and layout of the rooms
  • Drafting the scenario
  • Making appointments with suppliers and speakers
  • Arranging everything with the day-volunteers
  • Being the contact person for the location(s)
  • Managing the logistics team (Fair Fashion Festival)

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