Workshops & Lectures

With our group of enthusiastic volunteers, we are working hard to get a divers and exciting program for the festival. Would you like to contribute to the program in any kind of way? Please contact Marijke Tadema:

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These are the names of the speakers at the festival:

Chanel Trapman is one of our well known fashion pioneers here in the Netherlands. Owner of the platform Mumster and the Impact Shop, you can call her a real game changer in the fashion industry. Recently she released her own documentary ‘The positive chain of change’ where she travels the country to find out the real game changers in the fashion industry. During the festival Chanel Trapman is coming herself to show us the documentary and do the after-talk. You don’t want to miss this.

This is the platform to find sustainable and fair fashion in the Netherlands. Their goal is to make it much easier to make conscious choices and find your sustainable alternative. During the Fair Fashion Festival, Project CeCe will help you to find this alternative. Upload a photo of your favorite look or outfit and let their newest AI Tool find the sustainable and fair version. Or attend their workshop to learn how to check your label. What does it exactly say? Who made your clothes?

Iron Roots created the alternative for plastic sportswear; Natural Athletic Apparel. Iron Roots was founded by three friends who were determined to find a way to make sustainable sportswear. During the Fair Fashion Festival, they will take you on a trip to the world of plastic and dive deeper into the fact that we need to find alternatives for the use of plastic in clothing.

Slow Fashion Season is a project by CollAction, a crowd acting platform. They urge people around the world to commit themselves not to buy any new clothing from the 21stof June until the 21stof September. The team of Slow Fashion Season 2019 wants to take you through their own journey to slow fashion, by telling you all about the steps towards sustainable and circular living.

  • Sustainable Moments Festival

Sustainable clothing has various aspects. Think about working conditions, material or travel distance. What people often forget is that you can easily make sustainable choices at home, for example with your laundry. Sustainable Moments Festival will talk more about this aspect at the Fair Fashion Festival.

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