Orimpex BV is a company that specializes in the production of baby, women’s and men’s clothing for organic cotton and bamboo. Orimpex wants to contribute to a clean and safe earth for the next generations. For this reason, Orimpex opts for certified organic products, so that they produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way: without using chemicals that pollute our nature and groundwater, and harming the health of cotton farmers.

Utrecht 4 Global Goals

Utrecht4GlobalGoals wants to help as many people in Utrecht as possible to know what the Global Goals are and how they can contribute. They want to show people that Utrecht looks beyond the borders and that international cooperation can be something you can join in on.

This year the Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht has a partnership with DSFW.

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

What you wear affects other people and the environment. Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week wants to make as many consumers as possible aware of this by bringing young talent, high-profile collections and innovative developments to the attention. The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week takes place this year from 4 to 13 October.