With our group of enthusiastic volunteers, we are working hard to get a divers and exciting program for the festival. Would you like to contribute to the program in any kind of way? Please contact Marijke Tadema: marijke@youngandfair.nl.

These are the names we can already announce:

The Collection One is a webshop founded by Lisa Schotman, whose style can best be described as pure, natural and mellow. She has a preference for slow and conscious living. With her business, she created a concept that is in harmony with her philosophy.

Lotika offers trendy products that are produced responsibly. Every season they offer cheerful and colorful socks, underwear and t-shirts. Lotika products are made with respect for people, the environment and animals.

A brand that ensures that the well known textile waste cycle becomes smaller. They are turning your shirt into a men’s or women’s boxer or even a children’s pants. It gets better because the women who are making these boxers are offered a helping hand and gain work experience, as their chances on the labor market increase.

Yasha wants to create a better world by brightening it with her art and her care for the environment. Yasha creates art to wear by making digital designs that are printed on organic cotton and then sewn onto premium organic t-shirts. A unique garment with an eye for art and the world around us.

NHNCD is an online vintage clothing store that ensures that good fabrics don’t go to waste. They offer a great selection of unique and timeless pieces, either original or re-designed so everything fits in today’s fashion. Besides, NHNCD is creating a zero-waste accessories line from the waste of their re-designed product that will be sold at the Fair Fashion Festival 2019.

In the city center of Groningen, in the Zwanestraat, you will find Diezijner. Diezijner is a fun and bright store, selling a variety of eco-friendly and fairtade products. Among other things you will find clothing shoes, accessories and zero-waste beauty and lifestyle products. There is something for every nature lover.

Nappy’s sells the most extensive collection of washable diapers. With the use of washable diapers you no longer have to carry packs of diapers from the grocery store every week, you don’t suffer from overflowing garbage cans, and there are no recurring expenses for disposable diapers. Besides they are better for the environment, for you kids and they come in different patterns and colors.

Bello & Eco is a social enterprise with a mission: to ensure that everyone can have the best of nature in their wardrobe by offering sustainable and affordable clothing and accessories. The combination of craftsmanship, age-old traditions, modern trends and natural fabrics makes their products not only fashionable, but also ecological. This is the philosophy behind BELLO & ECO: Beautiful and sustainable.

In the fair and vegan concept store of Ditha Bonita every item has a beautiful story. Soft clothing made from hemp, bamboo, organic cotton or tencel, sneakers made from hemp and organic cotton, bamboo and stainless steel cups and lunch boxes, they have it all. With respect for people, animals and the environment. Ditha Bonita shows the fun of fair fashion. Everything is different than the usual so you can stand out in the crowd.

Sustainable shopping is possible at Find, the store for second-hand women’s clothing. There are beautiful items of clothing from well-known brands that earn a second chance. There is a range for young and old and by buying second-hand you contribute to a circular economy and help diminish  clothing waste. You can also bring in your clothes during opening hours at their store in Groningen.

All About Stov designs unique and sustainable products from organic cotton. Every item is made upon request. You can choose your own color, print and size. This way you can own a unique clothing piece and All About Stov limits their waste.

Empy Original produces clothing with cartoons on them. Their products have been produced in factories adhering to strict environmental and social standards. The brand also contains pimped second hand clothing, to give pre-existing clothing a new and better life. Every cartoon is unique and tells a different story. They all have a message for today’s society. This way you can feel connected to one or multiple cartoons. Be different. Be unique. Be you. Weird is ok!

The newest slow fashion brand in town! The company was started by two friends in Groningen that share a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship and fair fashion. KRANG will be present at the Fair Fashion Festival with their first samples. They want to involve you in their proces and would love to hear your opinion about the brand.

Fairtrade and handmade products from the Netherlands. Exactly how we like it! StudioZaza makes clothing from eco and sustainable fabrics for self-conscious and environmentally conscious women who dare to stand out from the crowd! There is only one of every item, so everything is unique.

At KOKOTOKO every product is made with care, attention and love for live and our future. They offer clothing for men and women, accessories, household tools and cards an posters made by designers from Groningen. You can also occasionally take part in various workshop, which are all about sustainability.

ROLÁNN clothing is a Dutch fashion brand which emerged due to the shortage of ‘oversized’ or ‘loose fit’ clothing in the Dutch streetwear scene. Inspired by London’s street style, ROLÁNN consistently creates and develops innovative fits and designs. Aiming for a fair production process which creates high quality products, ROLÁNN’s pieces are entirely produced in the Netherlands. The garments are hand made by experienced men with a refugee background who are motivated to build a new life in Holland.

Onder De Linde offers vintage clothing from different era’s which are carefully selected with a focus on natural materials and quality. Vintage shopping can be a challenge, but not at Onder De Linde. Pants too long or top too loose? No worries, it can be fixed at the vintage store.

No clue what to do with clothing pieces that are no longer wearable? The women of the Taragalte Concept, all from a Saharan nomadic background, will eagerly transform your personal wardrobe into a beautiful and unique Carpet of Life, using their hearts and souls to capture your warmest memories in an inspiring artwork you can cherish forever.

Pure Matters is all about eco-friendly clothing made from wool, silk and cotton. They offer colorful basic t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans for women, men and children. The pieces are easy to combine and are suitable for outdoor activities, because Pure Matters finds functionality very important. Pure Matters makes clothing that are timeless and will last longer than just one season. All with respect for humans, animals and nature.

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